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'I would highly recommend Wild Ways to Writing to anyone wishing to improve their writing and/or gain deeper insights into their relationship to (and place within) the natural world.

The structure of the course, with its expertly planned assignments took me on an unexpected voyage into immersive experiences with every aspect of our shared environment.

Using the Five Ways of Knowing, opened new pathways for my writing to have a more profound connection to the Earth and to myself. This sense of interbeing allowed me to engage more with the significance of what I wrote and to discover (face, or admit to) unresolved issues in my personal development.

With Helen’s mentoring, feedback and guidance, I felt safe to express my inner thoughts and feelings without fearing judgement.

I also learned invaluable tips on the craft of writing poetry, which has improved my work and given me more self confidence in it.

It was a fascinating journey that I found satisfying, fulfilling, rewarding and gratifying.'

Geoff King, writer, Scotland

'I would love to recommend Wild Ways to Writing. It’s been a great adventure that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Helen is an excellent mentor. She provides useful, positive feedback on the work submitted in response to her assignments. I felt my contributions, and idiosyncrasies, were respected throughout. Working with Helen on this course has encouraged me to continue with my writing journey.'

Annie Sturgeon, UK

'Helen’s Wild Ways to Writing course was a constant source of inspiration through a particularly gloomy pandemic winter. Her knowledge, encouragement and insight as a mentor has challenged me to explore new approaches in my own creative practice. Highly recommended.'

Catherine Jefferson, UK

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Helen has also written about her 'wild writing' methodology, and you can read her chapter in INSPIRE: Exciting Ways to Teach Creative Writing, a Goldsmiths University publication, which is free to download here.