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The Mother Country

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Under English law a parent still has the right to disinherit their offspring, and this collection is a poet’s response to being written out of her mother’s will.


Exploring dispossession in a range of forms – from colonial legacies in Scotland and Australia to contemporary impacts of industrial civilisation on human health, planetary systems and our children’s future – The Mother Country is simultaneously a journey through sorrow, a quest for poetic justice, and a movement towards forgiveness and ecological restoration.

Endorsements for The Mother Country

“Perhaps in these perilous transitional times we are all disinherited now, and Moore’s poems perform an important duty by making us feel the pathos and the righteous rage of that condition.”


Lindsay Clarke


“… brilliant and fearless… Moore’s Blakean vision, tackling the toxic tyrannies of our time.” Dr. Rosie Jackson


“If the world is to awaken to its own danger, it will need ecopoets such as Helen Moore.” D.M.Black


Or from your local bookstore / online book retailers.

INTATTO/INTACT is a new bilingual Italian-English book of ecopoetry, co-authored by Massimo D'Arcangelo, Anne Elvey and Helen Moore, and published  by La Vita Felice in 2017. 


An innovative international collaboration, conceived by D'Arcangelo, the book highlights ecological concerns and perspectives shared by poets from Italy, Australia and Britain.

From the preface by Serenella Iovino:


"The three authors of Intact, a Tuscany-dwelling Apulian, an Australian and an English woman living in North East Scotland, are clearly very different to one another, due their personal history, upbringing and age. 


And yet, their attention to the world, to otherness in the world, melds them together in a shared experience.  The words of Anne Elvey hold true for all three writers: "poetry, the making that is poetry, is about paying attention, about daring to witness by interpreting - in an already interpreted world (Rilke), where being at home is often fraught."

INTATTO/INTACT is available from the Italian publisher by clicking here.

Ecopoetry is poetry for a new age of awareness and Helen Moore is a leading light in this probing, ground breaking genre. 


Imagine if we were to create a more constructive and hopeful alternative to the human-centred ‘Anthropocene’, named by the great theologian Thomas Berry as the ‘Ecozoic Era’.  In this new era we will live in harmony ‘with the Earth as our community’, in great contrast to the ravages caused by the growth and impacts of industrial civilisation on our planetary ecosystems.

ECOZOA is Helen Moore’s response to the destruction caused by industrial civilisation. Her poetry articulates a new future with a powerful, passionate and visionary voice.


"Moore’s stunning work stretches us between decaying political systems and the Earth’s enchanted cosmopolis. When Walt Whitman wrote of “expecting the main things” from “poets to come,” he must have been anticipating Helen Moore." -- Drew Dellinger, author of Love Letter to the Milky Way

ECOZOA was published by Permanent Publications in 2015, and can be ordered via their website by clicking here.

Hedge Fund, And Other Living Margins is Helen's debut poetry collection, and was published by Shearsman Books in 2012.

"Helen Moore's poems offer a prism to our disquiet about the natural world. Their spectrum encompasses the residual grief of John Clare for the landscape he saw already lost after enclosure, and relishes the hedgerow as an incidentally subversive, liminal space thriving between marked-out areas of greed and ownership.

With these poems Moore prods us to our responsibilities, lifts a voice to the act of keeping watch for escalating silences and losses. Her poems are tender, sane, political, born of love, and persuade us that poetry can drive a vital empathy into the fabric of a fragile bio-sphere." —Sean Borodale

Hedge Fund, And Other Living Margins is available from Shearsman Books by clicking here.
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