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Ecopoetry at Resurgence Summer Camp, Friday 7th July 2023, 8pm

Imagining Otherwise: Co-creating with more-than-human Nature, this internationally acclaimed ecopoet shares work that's at times fiercely satirical of capitalist insanity, and which returns to deep communion and compassion. Inspired by history, science, landscapes, dreams, activism, Helen Moore shapeshifts to share wild, ancestral voices, and visions of regenerative cultures.

To come to the Resurgence Summer Camp, visit:

Wild Writing workshop at Home Farm Glamping, Elstree, 17th September 2023:

Celebrating harvests and Autumn's bounty, and inspired by local flora and fauna often hidden within plain sight, this day-long Wild Writing workshop (10am-4pm) is led by internationally acclaimed eco poet and experienced creative writing tutor Helen Moore who will guide you to connect more deeply with nature and express yourself in poetry or prose.


Exploring the beautiful landscapes of meadow, woodland and lake at Home Farm Glamping, you will be given interactive exercises prompts and techniques to translate your thoughts and feelings onto the page finding rich imagery and language in the process. What new perspectives might you discover getting close up to a veteran tree? Attuning your observations of micro- and macrocosmic what might you learn as you sit quietly in the woods? What is being composted within and without? Which voices need to be released?


About the day:

  • Meet in the Home Farm Glamping barn for 10am

  • You'll enjoy a morning of walking talking and workshops

  • We invite guests to bring a packed lunch to enjoy in the meadow and a refillable water bottle

  • Spend the afternoon writing enjoying various activities and exercises with Helen

  • Wrap up around 4pm and make your way home feeling lighter inspired and restored

To find out more or to book, please visit the Home Farm Glamping website:


Videos on YouTube

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Marking 200 years since Shelley published 'A Defence of Poetry', Helen has contributed her essay 'A Defence of Ecopoetry, a Dance with Shelley' to this website.

New writing about 'wild writing'

​Helen has a chapter on 'wild writing' in INSPIRE: Exciting Ways to Teaching Creative Writing, just published by Goldsmiths University, London.

It's available via this online retailer, or better still order it from your local bookshops! The Centre for Language, Culture and Learning at Goldsmiths is also hosting the publication on its website, where itt's available to download for FREE!

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