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"I’ve gained so much from Helen’s approach and mentoring; I feel much more confident as a writer and pleased with some of the work I’ve done. I also feel that this approach, spending time in nature and walking, connecting, communing outdoors is the only way I can write. I absolutely see this as a 3 way partnership between Helen, myself and nature and the poems are very much ‘co-created’.  I feel very validated in the way I want to write and develop my work having done this. I think the feedback is very helpful and always done in a sensitive way. I really liked the themes and material used for each assignment, it really helped me focus and I could relate to each one and feel inspired."

Pam Winter, Wild Ways to Writing mentee, Yorkshire

"'Wild Ways to Writing' is the perfect gateway into deeper relating with the natural world and the magic that happens when you creatively engage with the forces of nature and history. Helen is a wonderful guide, experienced in her field, wise, compassionate and able to gently coax you towards your growing edges. If you feel drawn to reclaim your depths and indigenous roots, this is the course for you."

- Annabel, Wild Ways to Writing mentee, Stroud

“Helen was a wonderful facilitator. She was calm, attentive and listened to everyone and considered the needs and individual requirements of all participants. Inspiring and exciting to listen to. Thank you.” 

- Jennifer, participant on 'Writing the Land, Writing the Sea'

“Helen ran the course brilliantly. I felt confident not only in contributing to the group and sharing my work but also to try new things. I felt comfortably encouraged to explore new areas of writing and loved how it challenged me.”

- Participant on 'Writing the Land, Writing the Sea'


“A brilliant writing holiday – Helen led a number of inspiring and thought-provoking workshops, was generous with her time, provided some very useful cross references to texts relevant to the course and was a careful listener. I also very much enjoyed the readings that Helen offered and the sharing and discussion that took place with the group.”

- Participant on 'Writing the Land, Writing the Sea'


“Helen gently leads, inspires and provides space for all. I left feeling nourished, positive and optimistic to face the future, not just as a writer, but as a person.”

- Jayne Austin, participant on 'Writing the Land, Writing the Sea'

"Helen has been an inspirational teacher, offering her insights and advice with tact and patience. She taught us how to craft a poem, how to develop it or pare it down; she showed us what to look out for and what to avoid. In short, she gave us the tools that would help us express ourselves better. It was striking to witness, over the months, the progress made by many in the group! As for me, I feel I have now at my disposal a new means of expression that complements my work in prose."

- B Anne Adriaens, Poetry Surgery

"Helen Moore's warm and welcoming personality combined with her passion for poetry and expert knowledge, make classes both enjoyable and rewarding for those attending. I attended Helen's classes over a four year period and students were given support and encouragement at every ability level within the group."

 - Colin Coles, Reading and Writing Poetry

"Helen recently led a three hour workshop at the University of Gloucestershire, which included video poetry, performance and writing activities for students. This workshop was a great success, with very positive feedback from students. Helen’s skills lie not just in her ability to write captivating books, essays and poetry, but also in being able to perform her works in highly engaging ways, and communicate the deeper meanings of the works to the audience through excellent social skills."

- Dr Arran Stibbe, University of Gloucestershire

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